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October Sales

Every diligent shopper knows that Black Friday sales are released way ahead of the last few weeks of November, so make sure to keep your ears peeled for those discounted products. Here’s what else you can save on during October:

Items that go on sale during October include:

  • Outdoor Furniture — Because people spend less time outdoors, this means less demand on patio sets. You can get great prices on outdoor furniture and be ready to bust them out right away when it gets warm after winter.
  • Cars — Put yourself behind a new wheel around this time because dealership will put the lowest prices on their cars during October through December to make way for the newer models in the coming months.
  • Clothing & Shoes — There will be tons of fall savings events from places like Old Navy, Gap and Kohl’s, and this’ll mean you can get boots, light jackets and sweaters to spice up your closet. If you wait a few weeks after the fall inventory comes in during August and September, you can get brand-new pairs of jeans for cheap.