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December Sales

Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday is all wrapped up, there are still some awesome bargains for those late shoppers during “End Of The Year” events. Try to order in advance to avoid any shipping delays and to make sure your item gets there in time for the holidays.

Items that go on sale during December include:

  • Gift Cards — Look, some might think gift cards are not too personal, but it gives the giftee a chance to get exactly what they want. Amazon and PayPal usually offer up to 20% off on gift card purchases from stores like Gap, Michaels, Chipotle and Domino’s, while Best Buy and Nordstrom offer discounts of their own.
  • Headphones — Whether you prefer Airpods, Beats, JBL or Sony, you’re sure to find low prices on wireless, over-the-ear and/or work-out headphones during December.
  • Toys — As the holidays get closer and closer, stores like Target, Macy’s and Walmart will offer low prices on toys to make the kids in your life happy and entertained.
  • Christmas Decorations — After Christmas is wrapped up, retailers will offer up to 50% off on artificial trees, wrapping paper, decorations, ornaments and holiday-themed apparel. Stock on them now and you’ll thank yourself the following year.
  • Victoria’s Secret Sale — The winter version of Victoria’s Secret Sale usually occurs right after Christmas, so you can get intimates, beauty products, sleepwear and other similar products for up to 50-70% off.