Buyers value coupons, discounts and deals!

Monthly Sales

The best monthly sales can vary depending on the specific item or product you are looking to purchase. However, there are certain general shopping trends and patterns that can help guide your decision-making. Coupons, discounts and deals will save you even more. Use shopping tools to see how smart buyers find value and automate their shopping savings. Note that some merchants will start selling a month earlier or later than listed depending on how the merchandise has sold prior to any sales. The longer you wait, the less selection of the item or only finding odd lots or pieces of a set.

Here are some general guidelines for the best month to buy anything.

  • January Sales: This is a great month to buy bedding, linens, furniture, fitness equipment, and winter clothing. Retailers often offer discounts on these items after the holiday season and during the “white sales”.
  • February Sales: This month, you can find good deals on TVs, electronics, mattresses, and jewelry. TVs and electronics are usually on sale before the Super Bowl, while mattresses and jewelry are cheaper around Valentine’s Day.

  • March Sales: This is a good time to buy luggage, gardening tools, and frozen food. Luggage prices drop as travel demand slows down after the winter holidays. Gardening tools are cheaper before the spring season starts. Frozen food is on sale during the National Frozen Food Month.
  • April Sales: This month, you can save money on vacuum cleaners, cookware, and sneakers. Vacuum cleaners and cookware are discounted as retailers make room for new models. Sneakers are cheaper as people start to exercise more outdoors.
  • May Sales: This is a great month to buy appliances, mattresses, and spring clothing. Appliances and mattresses are on sale during Memorial Day weekend, while spring clothing is marked down as summer approaches.
  • June Sales: This month, you can find bargains on tools, laptops, and summer clothing. Tools are cheaper around Father’s Day, while laptops are discounted as students prepare for school. Summer clothing is on clearance as retailers prepare for fall inventory.
  • July Sales: This is a good time to buy furniture, grills, and swimwear. Furniture prices drop as new models arrive in August. Grills and swimwear are cheaper as the summer season winds down.
  • August Sales: This month, you can score deals on laptops, school supplies, and outdoor gear. Laptops and school supplies are on sale during back-to-school season. Outdoor gear is discounted as camping and hiking demand decreases.
  • September Sales: This is a great month to buy cars, bikes, and appliances. Cars are cheaper as dealerships clear out old models for new ones. Bikes are on sale as cycling season ends. Appliances are on sale during Labor Day weekend.
  • October Sales: This month, you can save money on jeans, patio furniture, and candy. Jeans are marked down after the back-to-school rush. Patio furniture is cheaper as outdoor living season ends. Candy is on sale before Halloween.
  • November Sales: This is a good time to buy TVs, electronics, cookware, and toys. TVs and electronics are on sale during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Cookware is discounted as people prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. Toys are cheaper before the holiday shopping season.
  • December Sales: This is a great month to buy gift cards, champagne, and holiday decorations. Gift cards are often offered with bonuses or discounts by retailers and restaurants. Champagne prices drop as demand increases for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Holiday decorations are on clearance after Christmas.